Wednesday, May 11, 2011 Meet Achtart, Lebanese Arts Sold Online!

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We’ve just discovered, an e-commerce shop that helps regional and Lebanese artists promote and sell their creations online. The website was launched beginning May 2011 with a collection of handmade jewelry, crafts, and paintings.

According to Achtart’s owner, the need for such a portal became apparent when her friend, a jewelry designer, found it hard to sell her hand-made ornaments. This soon sparked the idea of a platform that allows artists to showcase their work and sell it.

The owner co-runs a family business and has decided to give more time to this artistic venture. She described how the initiative will help sustain communities and revive rare arts by allowing craftspeople to market their handiworks internationally. Right now, Achtart is online with a limited choice of artifacts. However, it intends on becoming a broader platform and a hub for online arts and crafts in the Middle East.

You can take a look at Achtart here, follow them on Twitter and like their Facebook Page.

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