Tuesday, May 24, 2011

for Children Cancer Center Lebanon from Latifa Art

You can find Latifa's Art on www.achtart.com/latifaart and check out achtART.com's "Not for Profit" section here where offered items are not for profit for neither Latifa Art nor achtART.com and where proceeds will go to the Children Cancer Center of Lebanon.

Latifa el Hachem Tary, is a Lebanese Artisan. In 1997 she finished her studies in Art Plastic in Sacré Coeur - Hadath, to get by correspondence her master from Ecole des Beaux Art - La Rochelle, France. After working on several private projects in the Gulf, Latifa turned her passion into a full time job by launching her workshop in 2002 under ELTJ Group sarl. Soon after, the Latifa-Art brand, famous for turning simple pewter into works of art, was born.

In addition to her title as Artisan, Partner and General Manager, Latifa is a Member of the Committee of the Lebanese Artisan. In 2009 she received the "Member of the Year 2008-2009" from Madison Who's who - USA, publishers of the Madisson Who's who Registry of Executives and Professionals, having demonstrated exemplary achievement and distinguished contributions to the business community worldwide, and she is member of the LLWB (Lebanese League for Women in Business) Beirut.

In her work shop she creates handmade home and office accessories, lighting, personal items and souvenirs. These include mirrors, napkin rings, jewelry boxes and intricately designed frames. The pewter is often combined with different material such as wood, glass, plexi glass and even paintings.

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