Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Your Easter Projects: Palm Sunday Candles

Project 6: Palm Sunday Candles
Palm Sunday is almost here and Holy Week is beginning! All families will come dressed up extra-nice and bring decorated candles and you can make your own personalized candles for this blessed occasion . They are very simple, easy and inexpensive enough to put together in time for Liturgy this week.

Simple supplies:
  • tall, white candle
  • silk flowers
  • decorative Easter eggs
  • colorful ribbon
Pull apart the silk flowers so that you just have the buds. Then, arrange them with the eggs so that they laid nicely together against the candle. Hot glued the arrangements together. (It is hard to hot glue to the candle directly, it just melts the wax!) Then, tie the arrangements to the candles with the ribbon.

Add a round piece to the bottom of the candle to protect hands from dripping wax during the procession by cutting out a large circle from a sturdy paper plate. Then, poke a hole through the center with scissors, then push the candle up through the center of the plate.

  Have a blessed Palm Sunday!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Your Easter Projects: Pom Pom Eggs

Project 5: Pom Pom Eggs

Today's craft is super easy, cute and fluffy. 

What child does not love a pom pom.  If you have yarn and a scissor, you already have everything you need to make this craft and its a great use for all those little yarn scraps.  You can buy a pom pom maker at the store but God already gave you one, so lets use it.
Take your yarn and start wrapping around two fingers (I didn't measure but I probably wrapped it about 40 times. The more yarn you wrap the fuller your egg will be.
Slide your ball of yarn carefully off your fingers keeping your fingers over the center.
With a short string of yarn, tie off the center as tight as you can tie it.
 Take your scissor and cut in between the loops until all the loops are cut.
this is what you will have
cupping your little pom pom in your hand, start cutting and shaping your pom pom by cutting off yarn little by little in an egg shape leaving more in the middle and less on the top and bottom until it looks like an egg.
and there you have it.  

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Your Easter-Craft Projects: Easter Tulips Craft

 Project 4: Easter Tulips Craft

This fun and colorful Easter craft is easy for kids, and allows them to be creative in making their own unique flower creations. See how to make tulips out of tissue paper with your little ones.

Watch the video here:


Transcript: Easter Tulips Craft

Hello, my name is Meredith Andrews from Little Shop of Crafts in New York City, here for About.com. When most people think of Easter they think of bunnies and jelly beans but today I am going to show you how to make some lovely Easter tulips.

Easter Craft Supplies

All you need for this project is:
  • different colored tissue paper - I chose yellow, blue, pink, purple, and a little bit of green
  • a green pipe cleaner
  • a paint brush
  • a pair of scissors
  • some green paint
  • the cup part of cardboard egg carton


Fold the Craft Flowers

First, what you're going to do is cut the tissue paper into a square. I do it when it's folded over just to give the flower a little more volume. 
Now choose a complimentary color and cut that piece into a square as well. Now you're read to start making your pink and purple tulip. Cross the pieces so that they're diagonal from each other, on top of each other.


Create the Easter Craft Base

Next, you'll take the egg cup and you can paint it green. This is going to be the bottom of your tulip. Now, pick up your tissue paper and place the cup in the bottom. Now this is the part now that if you're helping a child do this you want to do yourself. You want to poke a hole in the bottom of the egg cup with a pointy pair of scissors and that will also go through the tissue paper. Nest, you take your pipe cleaner and poke that through the hole.


Add a Middle to the Easter Tulip

Now we're going to cut a piece, a strip of yellow tissue paper to act as the middle of the flower. Place that in the center of the tulip where the pipe cleaner comes up and then just wrap the pipe cleaner around it. Now give the pipe cleaner a little tug and now you have the middle of your flower. You can fluff up the sides however you'd like.


Make Easter Tulip Leaves

Last we need some leaves. Those can be done by putting a strip of green tissue paper, and then wrapping the pipe cleaner around the tissue paper.


Finish the Easter Tulip Craft

Just take your scissors and you can give your tulip a little trim to make it the size that you'd like. If you'd like, you can also add a little bit of perfume to make it the scent that you desire. Now, you have your beautiful tulip and you can make many more as you'd like, kids will love to mix and match the colors and create a beautiful garden of their own.