Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Your Easter Projects: Pom Pom Eggs

Project 5: Pom Pom Eggs

Today's craft is super easy, cute and fluffy. 

What child does not love a pom pom.  If you have yarn and a scissor, you already have everything you need to make this craft and its a great use for all those little yarn scraps.  You can buy a pom pom maker at the store but God already gave you one, so lets use it.
Take your yarn and start wrapping around two fingers (I didn't measure but I probably wrapped it about 40 times. The more yarn you wrap the fuller your egg will be.
Slide your ball of yarn carefully off your fingers keeping your fingers over the center.
With a short string of yarn, tie off the center as tight as you can tie it.
 Take your scissor and cut in between the loops until all the loops are cut.
this is what you will have
cupping your little pom pom in your hand, start cutting and shaping your pom pom by cutting off yarn little by little in an egg shape leaving more in the middle and less on the top and bottom until it looks like an egg.
and there you have it.  

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