Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Your Easter Projects: Palm Sunday Candles

Project 6: Palm Sunday Candles
Palm Sunday is almost here and Holy Week is beginning! All families will come dressed up extra-nice and bring decorated candles and you can make your own personalized candles for this blessed occasion . They are very simple, easy and inexpensive enough to put together in time for Liturgy this week.

Simple supplies:
  • tall, white candle
  • silk flowers
  • decorative Easter eggs
  • colorful ribbon
Pull apart the silk flowers so that you just have the buds. Then, arrange them with the eggs so that they laid nicely together against the candle. Hot glued the arrangements together. (It is hard to hot glue to the candle directly, it just melts the wax!) Then, tie the arrangements to the candles with the ribbon.

Add a round piece to the bottom of the candle to protect hands from dripping wax during the procession by cutting out a large circle from a sturdy paper plate. Then, poke a hole through the center with scissors, then push the candle up through the center of the plate.

  Have a blessed Palm Sunday!

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