Thursday, January 10, 2013

Rody Sakr, a Lebanese artist from Beit Hebbak

Rody Sakr
Rody Sakr was born on 17th September 1989 in Beit Hebbak, Byblos – Lebanon. 

Since the age of 5, Rody had a passion for drawing. A bit solitary, he spent hours drawing on papers, sand, or ceilings … anything he could put his hands on. 

Years passed as he developed a passion for the Art of the Ancient worlds: Greece, Egypt and specially Phoenicia & Byblos his beloved city, which had a deep influence in his art still visible today; a lamp here, poetry design there keeps an ancient civilization alive. His talent appeared in Beit Hebbak at the Saydeh fair where he presented for the first time his art of pottery and painting designs. 

He moved to live in Beirut but visited his home in the week-end for a bit of fresh air and solitude. During his time in Beirut between 2000 and 2007 Rody studied and worked in Interior design, Art directing, jewelry design, home/ women accessories design and he attended local and international exhibitions. 

These days Rody is working in his atelier creating and developing new and custom artifacts for all kinds of home decorations and accessories. 


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