Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Francois Ayoub: Craftman, Jeweler

Francois Ayoub is a young talented jewelery craftsman. Driven by passion and ambition, holding 10 years of experiences Francois Ayoub designs jewelery that stretches the limits of creativity.

He says: "After 11 wonderful years of experience in the jewelry field, making and creating the most prestigious designs with the highest accuracy and precision for many international and local designers, I decided to take my first step in fulfilling my dream… It consists on providing each and every creative person the opportunity to express his ideas and see his designs as a reality in the most professional and accurate way that fulfills his vision and reflects his personality. Or choose from  unique handmade designs that stretches the limits of creativity." 

You can find Francois Ayoub's beautiful creations on here.

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